Aneros Helix Trident Series Helix Prostate Massager



  • In Stock
  • EAN: 894757001829
  • Weight: 220 g
  • Material: Smooth Coated Plastic
  • Size: 4 Inches
  • Diameter: 1 Inch
  • Insertable: 1 to 5 inches
  • Features: Strengthen A Man's Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Flexibilty: Firm
  • Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner

Before the Aneros Stimulator, prostate massages always involved someone performing the massage, whether it be a physician during a checkup, a bodywork therapist, or if lucky, a skilled partner.
Providing an effective massage is definitely an acquired skill.
Due to flexibility constraints, realizing the benefits of an effective self-massage for most men has not been possible.

The Aneros Stimulator allows men to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly.
Simply through anal kegel exercises, the Aneross design utilizes a self-pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and external via the perineum.
This is done completely hands-free, allowing a user freedom to explore the sensations in any number of positions.

When a man contracts his anal sphincter muscles, the perineum tab acts as a fulcrum against which the Aneros Stimulator pivots, massaging the prostate for incredible sensations.
Completely hands-free, the Aneros can be used in any position the man chooses.

Using the Aneros Stimulator is progressively rewarding.
Every session builds on the previous, increasing your bodys understanding of the sensations it has experienced, and incorporating new ones.
Through practice and exploration, a user can reach the pinnacle of bodymind pleasure called the Super-O.

Using the Aneros Stimulator will gradually strengthen a mans pelvic floor muscles and PC sphincter muscles.
Over time this results in better sexual performance and ejaculation control.
Think of it as an exercise to improve your overall sexual health and vitality.

During sex, the mans thrusting motions automatically cause the Aneros to stimulate the prostate and anal cavity.
This gives the man anal, prostate and penile pleasure at the same time - a sexual trifecta! At climax, the prostate stimulation results in a stronger, more satisfying orgasm.

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