MyStim Barry Bite EStim Nipple Clamps



  • In Stock
  • Model: MS46610
  • EAN: 4260152466109
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flexibilty: Slight
  • Power: Mystim Controller
  • Washing: Wipe down

Be prepared that Barry is not shy at all to have a tipple on your nipple.
These nipple clamps get down on you whenever its necessary and you need that tingly and lustfully pleasure on your nipples, your vulva or any part of your body.
We still are going to leave up to you, where exactly Barry Bite is supposed to show its powerful bite.
Were sure, youll come up with something. With e-stim Barry Bite gets straight to the point.
Each of the two bi-polar and electrically conductive clamps only stimulates the tissue that is exactly within the clamps itself.
This is why you can have both nipples treated at the same time.
To activate the electrical poles, you will need a device like the Mystim Tension Lover or the Mystim Pure Vibes. We promise youll easily find your own way to let Barry clamp you in and ride you.
Thanks to the tiny screws its totally up to you whether Barry is invited for a real bite or just a little nibble.
We dont want your nipples to chop off, do we? The clamps gilded contacts make sure your stimulation is an intense and steady sensation.
Make sure to strike. Neat and clean, Barry Bite just needs some mild suds and some disinfection here and then, best on a regular basis, and Bob is your uncle.
That means, there is more fun time and in the end, thats all that counts.

TECHNICAL DETAILS Type, E-stim nipple clamps Weight 2 x 40 g Colour black Pole 2, bi-polar Electrical device needed Connection via Mystim-plug

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