Anal Douche With Glow In The Dark Nozzle

Seven Creations


  • In Stock
  • Model: 990786
  • EAN: 4890888990786
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Material: Plastic
  • Features: Glow in the dark nozzle
  • Flexibilty: Firm
  • Washing: Hot soapy water and toy cleaner

Orgasmic sensation or anal cleansing for both genders had a raunchy bout of anal sex and need to clean out, or maybe you want to experience the sensation of anal internal washing! This is a fabulous Anal Douche, the ultimate in anal recreation and cleanliness.
All you need to do is fill the Douche with the preferred liquid of your choice, either for cleansing or internal, stimulation, insert the tube into your anus and squeeze the bulb, the liquid will squirt deep inside, caressing and washing.

An anal dual-purpose toy that is sure to please! Get clean and stimulated simultaneously!

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